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 Raw  • Cold Pressed • Organic

No added sugar, fillers, or artificial preservatives (ever).

Simply fresh, organic veggies, fruits, and herbs pressed with love in small batches and delivered in recyclable glass bottles. 

ZDF juice is raw, fresh, and unadulterated. Therefore, it is only available to Kansas City area customers at this time.

Detox and rejuvenate with a ZDF juice cleanse




“Hi! My name is Olive. I’m one of the original rescues living at Zen Donkey Farms, and I’m here to tell you about our raw, organic, cold pressed juices! Not only are ZDF juices delicious, fresh, and made with responsibly and locally sourced produce, they have a purpose. When you buy ZDF juices, you directly support donkeys like me who are in training to provide therapy to humans like you. 


Did you know that donkeys are highly intelligent and have many healing qualities? We are affectionate companions that can provide emotional support when our humans get stressed out. We can help adults and children with mental and emotional challenges find happiness and comfort, and we’re here to spread the word!  

More information about donkey-assisted therapy and the ZDF Donkey Experience coming soon!


Thank you for supporting our herd, one juice at a time."




Donkeys are highly intelligent,  empathetic and versatile animals that can be amazing therapy facilitators, family pets, companions for other animals and protectors of livestock. 


After 20 years of experience with equine-assisted therapy programs that focus on horses, and a more recent discovery of our love for horses' long-eared cousins, we believe donkeys are an untapped resource for alternative therapy and general wellness activities. ZDF can facilitate well-being in our customers with healthy juice ingredients, and eventually in people with disabilities who can benefit from donkey-assisted therapy.  


Many donkeys around the world need to be rescued* and given a purpose, which we believe can be to help people in needAs our herd grows, all donkeys adopted into our therapy training program will continue to be rescues. With these donkeys and your support, we will bring world-class donkey-assisted therapy to people with disabilities, and a unique donkey experience that will be accessible to all.  While our roots are in Kansas City, we hope to eventually expand across the US. Thank you for your support as we work to bridge the gap between donkeys in need of love, and people in search of wellness. 

*To learn more about why donkeys need to be rescued, read the full report about the donkey hide trade crisis here.  By adopting rescued donkeys into our therapy program, we hope to play a bigger role in the welfare of donkeys around the world,  beyond our happy little herd.



  • Spread awareness about the versatility and healing qualities of donkeys through health and wellness inspired products


  • To make life better for donkeys and their humans, everywhere

  • To help people find wellness of body, mind, and spirit through a unique experience inspired by plant-based nutrition and the healing power of donkeys


  • Kindness: always 

  • Integrity: only pure, REAL ingredients, sourced responsibly and ethically

  • Respect: for the bond between animals and humans

  • Commitment: to helping donkeys and humans in need

  • Reach: dare to be different, go beyond the comfort zone to inspire change

  • Curiosity: question everything with a hunger for knowledge 

  • Fun: never pass up an opportunity to cuddle a donkey :)