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Introducing “Morning Kick”, a cleansing and metabolism-boosting tonic we formulated in collaboration with our friends at ShreddKC! Ginger and lemon is a classic combo that boosts your metabolism, helps you recover from work-outs faster, fights infection and kicks detoxifying organs into gear. Just add water!


How to drink your Morning Kick:

  1. Pour 1oz (2 Tablespoons) of Morning Kick into 8-12oz of water (room temperature or warm)
  2. Optional: Add a pinch of cayenne for an additional anti-inflammatory and circulation-inhibiting boost
  3. Drink first thing in the morning on an empty stomach
  4. Keep refrigerated and shake well (settling is natural)


Potential benefits of drinking ginger/lemon tonic in the morning:

  • Boost immunity
  • Speed metabolism 
  • Support gut health
  • Relieve muscle pain 
  • Jump-start healthy weight loss 
  • Energize


Due to this tonic's high concentration of lemon, which is a natural preservative, one bottle of Morning Kick will last up to one week! 

Morning Kick (one week supply)

  • One week supply (7oz per bottle), available for delivery every Monday, Wednesday and Friday across the KC area


    Shredd KC Members: Pick up every Monday at Shredd KC


    Options at check out to pick up at Anytime Fitness (Pleasant Hill and Raymore locations)